Targeted advertising

One of my favourite things to do is turning user data into something that actually benefits them. I’m not talking about annoying ads that follow you around for weeks because you once googled a pair of lilac shoes. While collaborating with the team at Uber and Uber Eats, I was able to create targeted ads that were both relevant and very welcome by their users.

Airport travellers

In this execution, we targeted Uber riders travelling home from the airport. We knew they had travelled because they also caught an Uber to the airport a while ago. These users were not Uber Eats customers, so our targeted ads offered them an incentive to try it as well as an overview of the app.

Sunday morning

This execution was sent to Uber riders coming home in the early hours of Sunday morning. Naturally, this means a chill day of doing nothing. Again, these users were not Uber Eats customers, so it was the perfect time to onboard them.

Happy customers

This execution targeted happy Uber customers. These customers gave 5 consecutive 5-star ratings on their Uber app. Since we knew they are enjoying the convenience of the rides app, we offered them the same convenience in the form of delicious food delivered to their door with a discount.