Dick Smith Electronics was traditionally a standard sales focused national retail brand. Their ads were all price driven, which didn’t help them stand out from the competition. I helped them update their image and stand out in the market by introducing concepts and themes to their ads. All radio ads showcased were written, casted and co-directed by me.


A phone offer you can’t refuse. Dick Smith Electronics.

When a big prepaid phone offer needs to be communicated, there’s often a lot of information that needs to be said. This radio ad manages to say it all and remain entertaining. It was written, approved, casted, and recorded in just 40 minutes.


Cool ringtones that don’t cost a lot. Dick Smith Electronics.

When ringtones first hit the retail market they were expensive. We promoted our affordable prices with this lighthearted radio ad.


The hottest store opening in town. Dick Smith Electronics.

A retail radio ad that refused to become a cliche ‘dirty retail ad’. Instead, we had fun with the genre of what dirty retail should sound like.