Corporate launch

When the pandemic hit, a lot of businesses around the world lost hope in achieving their goals. With constant news of business closures and layoffs, I wanted to bring some positivity back to the corporate world by creating content that focuses on the opportunities in these challenging times.

This Corporate Video is a B2B piece. Its purpose is to inspire and help global brands learn about the digital opportunities available to them amidst the uncertain times of a pandemic. I wrote the concept and script in just one day, and crafted it to work using only stock footage to keep within the client’s budget. I then provided the creative direction to make sure the elements worked together. Special thanks to creative agency, AlienTrick for turning a quick script into an inspirational video.

A Corporate Configurator was developed to help businesses create the workspace of tomorrow. This easy to use configurator allows anybody to select their space, their needs, and their desired features to create a custom AV solution to keep their business thriving. Check it out at