Brand development

Across 2020 and 2021, I had the pleasure of creating something very special for the tech world. The global team in charge of Philips Professional Display Solutions asked me to take the lead in developing their new brand identity, PPDS. In this major assignment, I created their core brand pillars, tone of voice and brand personality, tagline, mission statement, vision statement, copy and creative direction for all channels (including transition & launch), as well as the brand’s communication strategy and brand book.

In developing the PPDS tagline, I explored the true purpose of the brand and translated it into an instantly recognisable line that fits the customer benefit. PPDS enables people to push the boundaries in what is possible. It’s a brand that stands for the new. For the digital. And for connecting the people of today with the technology of tomorrow. PPDS is Powering Evolution.

A new brand means new website. I worked with front-end design studio, Nificent, to form the UX flow and design direction of the entire site. I then crafted the copy for every element and used the freshly developed custom CMS to build the pages. Want to see the result? Check it out at

To ensure absolute consistency, I created the PPDS Brand Book. This book defines the brand’s architecture from the inside out. It covers brand element usage, brand purpose, organisational structures and opportunities, naming conventions, and guidelines for partners, studios, and associates. It’s top secret business though, so the only thing I can show you is the cover 🙂